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Who We Are?

               Intrepid Transportation is an agent for Dynasty Transportation Inc.  The Intrepid Transportation team is Ms. Terry with the support of the Dynasty Transportation organization.

               The Dynasty organization will be doing the invoicing, so please issue your purchase orders and maintain those other internal records in the Dynasty Transportation name.  The Dynasty Transportation corporate office is in Broussard, Louisiana.  You may have known or do know the Dynasty Transportation organization from the many dedicated and capable agents and employees around the nation providing transportation brokerage services to customers such as yourself.

                Ms. Terry is located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  We have a customer base located from coast to coast.  All are provided the same equal service as if in our own hometown.   Everyone is important.  Our office hours are 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Central Time Zone, Monday through Friday.

                Upon request, we will foward Dynasty Transportation's Authority and Certificate of Insurance for Cargo and Liability for your company records.

                We look foward to your request for services to earn a supplier position within your organization.

                 Contact Terry at telephone numbers 800-557-1480 or 225-932-9055, facsimile number 225-932-9022 or eMail at Terry@intrepidtrans.com.  We will promptly respond to your call, facsimile or eMail inquiry.



Have an inquiry?         

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