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What We Do?
Program Points:
Professionals handle the daily headaches of freight.
Access to thousands of trucks via the owner operator network.
$1,000,000 of cargo insurance coverage.
Years of experience.
Equipment includes:  48' and 53' spring and air ride vans
including internal logistics and blanket pads; flatbeds, step decks, double drops and low boys; and intermodal rail containers and trailers
Shipment types:
Full loads of both vans and flatbeds.
Partial van loads.
Pad wraps.
Intermodal rail containers and trailers.
Oversize, over-dimensional shipments.

Contact Terry at telephone numbers 800-557-1480 or 225-932-9055, facsimile number 225-932-9022 or eMail at Terry@intrepidtrans.com.   We will promptly respond to your call, facsimile or eMail inquiry.




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