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home.gif (1236 bytes) Flatbed and Related Equipment Inquiry, please complete and we will respond with a quotation.

*Contact name 

*Company name 
  Telephone number            at least one required
     &/or Facsimile number   
     &/or eMail address           
  Shipping point(s)          city, state and zip if available
  Delivery point(s)          city, state and zip if available
Shipment requires a round trip   Yes
  Estimated date of pick up   
  Estimated date for delivery
  Time or hours open for pick up   
  Time or hours open for delivery  
*Commodity is   
  Insurance requirement beyond $1   million    Yes    amount $ 
  Legal load for 48'96" flatbed   load space is within 8' wide by 8' high by 48' long
  Legal load for 48'102" flatbed  load space is within 8'6" wide by 8' high by 48' long
  (Legal dimensions will vary from state to state and on the specific equipment sourced)
  If not above, dimensions overall:   height    feet & inches
                                                             width      feet & inches
                                                        & length     feet & inches
Dunnage to be used to secure the shipment will add to dimensions, please inclued in overall dimensions.
*Weight estimate   pounds
  If shipping equipment, we would appreciate a drawing to best fit your freight need.
  Binder preference         Straps             Chains  
  Tarp                                 Yes              specific type needed is 
  Type trailer needed       Air ride       Spring ride       either
  Side kits                          Yes
  Pipe stakes                      Yes
  Coil racks                        Yes
  Other equipment requirements  
  Trailer preference   48' flatbed    with head board or   without head board
                                     Step deck, pleae note if a step deck can be substituted for a flatbed
                                     Specialized equipment to be determined
  DOT hazardous   Yes       DOT non-hazardous  Yes
Any other details which will aid Terry to quote your upcomming requirement.


      Thank you.